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458947R-B21 (Refurbished 458947-B21 Stock)

Refurbished 458947-B21 / 458947R-B21
GTIN: | Quantity: 8 458947R-B21 Stock

Refurbished 458947-B21 / 458947R-B21  in Stock image

HP SATA drives are designed for the reliability and mass storage demanded by todays entry server and external storage environments The SATA portfolio is categorized into two categories Entry ETY and Midline MDL drives HP SATA Entry drives are the lowest unit-cost solution for entry-level servers HP SATA Midline drives are designed with economical reliability and performance for external storage backups and archival applications These high capacity drives provide the lowest $GB to our customers Both Entry and Midline SATA drives provide the best price advantage for non-mission critical applications with low workloads of 40% or less HP SATA drives are available small form factor 25-inch and large form factor 35-inch and ship with a standard one year warranty Entry SATA drives offer customers the lowest acquisition cost features include the following Reliability for non-mission critical entry server environments appropriate for <40% workload Native Command Queuing NCQ to increase performance of SATA hard disks by optimizing the order in which received read and write commands are executed Buffer Error Detection is used to protect the data in the drive buffer via parity or ECC TLER purposely constrains the drive to report the error as soon as possible within 5 seconds vs unlimited retries Ships with a standard one year warranty Midline SATA offers customers the lowest $GB drives and increased features over Entry SATA Increased reliability of approximately two times Entry drive reliability based on <40% workload Detects a specific temperature threshold drive throttles performance to protect itself Improved rotational vibration robustness for immunity to environmental rotational affects Native Command Queuing NCQ Buffer Error Detection Time Limited Error Recovery TLER Microcode Download and 3Gbs compatibilty Ship with a standard one year warranty SATA Applications With the attractive low acquisition cost and high capacity points of SATA drives it is important to understand the appropriate applications where SATA drives should be used Proper usage IE <40% workload of these drives will lessen the probability of drive failure For high IOPs performance intense applications mission critical applications or extreme environments HP recommends Enterprise Serial Attached SCSI SAS hard drives Hewlett Packard Enterprise 160GB 3G SATA 72K rpm LFF 35-inch Non-hot Plug Midline Hard drive capacity 160 GB Hard drive interface Serial ATA II Hard drive speed 7200 RPM Width 1016 mm Height 261 mm Depth 147 mm Data transfer rate 3 Gbits 160 GB Serial ATA II 7200 RPM 35" 11 ms 22 ms HDD 512 No 10 - 35 °C 1016 mm 261 mm 147 mm 136 kg Yes 3 Gbits Yes

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