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JC654AR (Refurbished JC654A Stock)

Refurbished JC654A / JC654AR
GTIN: 0886111406791 | Quantity: 1 JC654AR Stock

Refurbished JC654A / JC654AR  in Stock image

The SDN-enabled HP 12500 Switch Series offers industry leading scalability for enterprise data center cores giving you significantly higher throughput with 243 Tbps switching capacity Along with scalability you get high performance 1040GbE line cards With high scalability and performance the new core switch series extends the value of your installed base and also delivers high availability and resilience with redundant fabrics power supplies and fan trays Customers will find great value in Comware 7 advanced features including IRF MDC SPB and EVI Data center optimized Scalable Layer 2 fabrics build flexible resilient and scalable Layer 2 fabrics with SPB and HP IRF Multitenant Device Context MDC is an innovative data center virtualization solution that enables multi-tenancy giving customers the ability to virtualize a physical switch into multiple logical devices with each logical switch having its own tenants HP Ethernet Virtual Interconnect EVI is an HP Virtual Application Network innovation that provides a Layer 2 extension across the data center to simplify the interconnectivity of geographically disperse data centers Data Center Bridging DCB protocols provide support for IEEE 8021Qaz Data Center Bridging Exchange DCBX Enhanced Transmission Selection ETS and IEEE 8021Qbb Priority Flow Control PFC for converged fabrics Fibre Channel over Ethernet FCoE features deliver support for FCoE including expansion fabric trunk VF and N ports and aggregation of E-port and N-port virtualization Software-defined networking Supports OpenFlow 13 specifications to enable SDN by allowing separation of the data packet forwarding and control routing decision paths Performance High performance design with nonblocking and distributed Clos architecture delivers up to 243 Tbps switching capacity and 108Bpps throughput with up to 400 Gbps per line card slot High-density 1GbE10GbE and 40GbE interface connectivity offers up to 18 interface module slots to scale up to 864 1GbE and 110GbE and 288 40GbE ports Hardware-based wirespeed access control lists ACLs help provide high levels of security and ease of administration without impacting network performance with a feature-rich TCAM-based ACL implementation High-performance processor system the supervisor module uses three different processors to isolate key tasks control plane STP OSPF BGP MPLS etc fast recovery protocols RRPP BFD etc and chassis management temperature power etc Product architecture Distributed architecture with separation of data and control planes delivers enhanced fault tolerance and facilitates continuous operation and zero service disruption during planned or unplanned control-plane events Advanced Comware modular operating system brings modularity enhanced serviceability stability and independent process monitoring through modern Comware v7 Operating System In-Service Software Upgrade ISSU provides an upgrade of the entire chassis or an individual task or process with zero packet loss

Hewlett Packard Enterprise 12504 AC Width 442 mm Depth 708 mm Height 442 mm AC input voltage 100 - 120 200 - 240

442 x 708 x 442 mm
3240 Gbits
8123 BTUh
PowerPC 400MHz 128MB RAM
2380 W
960 Mpps
442 mm
708 mm
442 mm
60 kg
100 - 120 200 - 240
0 - 40 °C
5 - 95%

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