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JG310BR (Refurbished JG310B Stock)

Refurbished JG310B / JG310BR
GTIN: 0889894169235 | Quantity: 1 JG310BR Stock

Refurbished JG310B / JG310BR  in Stock image

The HPE FlexNetwork 5120 SI Switch Series are Layer 2 switches that support stacking static Layer 3 routing PoE ACLs and IPv6 They are campus switches ideal for medium and large enterprise networks HPE Intelligent Resilient Framework IRF technology creates a virtual fabric by managing four switches as one logical device which increases network resilience performance and availability while reducing operational complexity The FlexNetwork 5120 SI Switch Series can be managed with HPE Intelligent Management Center IMC Software for a single view of your entire network Whats new - HPE FlexNetwork managed Layer 2 gigabit Ethernet switch series with L3 static routing - PoE models for phones cameras and wireless APs - Compact 8 port models with 65 or 180 Watts of PoE power - Single view of the network with IMC Features Managed Access Layer Switches - The HPE FlexNetwork 5120 SI Switch Series is ideal for medium and large enterprises looking for a traditional scalable fully managed Layer 2 access switch with static IP routing PoE ACLs IPv6 and support for stacking - The HPE Intelligent Resilient Framework IRF virtualizes up to four physical switches into one logical device for simpler flatter more agile networks - PoE models support up to 370 W of PoEPoE power for phones cameras and wireless access points up to 720 W available on the 24-port model with optional accessories - Right size deployment with 8- 16- 24- and 48-port gigabit Ethernet models that include up to 4 SFP ports for fiber uplinks Advanced Quality of Service QoS - The HPE FlexNetwork 5120 SI Switch Series delivers a better application experience with classifier-based QoS using multiple match criteria based on Layer 2 3 and 4 information applies QoS policies such as setting priority level and rate limit to selected traffic on a per port basis - Network traffic prioritization with multiple congestion methods include strict priority SP queuing SDWRR and SPWRR Security Control - The HPE FlexNetwork 5120 SI Switch Series supports hardware-based wire-speed access control lists ACLs for enhanced security and ease of administration without impacting network performance - RADIUSHWTACACS SSL Port Security and 8021x and MAC-based authentication deliver enhanced security Single View of the Network - The HPE FlexNetwork 5120 SI Switch Series can be seamlessly managed with HPE Intelligent Management Center IMC Software to provide end-to-end network transparency with consistent network experience through comprehensive configuration compliance and policy management - Remote Network Monitoring RMON provides advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities for statistics history alarms and events - Separate data and control paths increases security and performance - Spanning TreeMSTP RSTP provides redundant links while preventing network loops - IEEE 8023ad Link Aggregation Control Protocol LACP supports up to 26 trunks each with 8 links per trunk supports static or dynamic groups - Smart link allows 50 ms failover between links - Intelligent Resilient Framework IRF creates virtual resilient switching fabrics where two or more switches perform as a single Layer 2 switch and Layer 3 router switches do not have to be co-located and can be part of a disaster-recovery system servers or switches can be attached using standard LACP for automatic load balancing and high availability simplifies network operation by eliminating the complexity of Spanning Tree Protocol Equal-Cost Multipath ECMP or VRRP - 8K MAC address table provides access to many Layer 2 devices - VLAN support and tagging support IEEE 8021Q with 4094 simultaneous VLAN IDs - IP multicast snooping automatically prevents flooding of IP multicast traffic - Internet Group Management Protocol IGMP and Multicast Listener Discovery MLD protocol snooping effectively control and manage the flooding of multicast packets in a Layer 2 network

Hewlett Packard Enterprise 5120 8G PoE 65W SI Switch type Managed Switch layer L2 Basic switching RJ-45 Ethernet ports type Gigabit Ethernet 101001000 Console port RJ-45 Copper ethernet cabling technology 10BASE-T 100BASE-TX 1000BASE-T Networking standards IEEE 8023 IEEE 8023ab IEEE 8023at IEEE 8023u MAC address table 8192 entries Switching capacity 18 Gbits Throughput 134 Mpps Form factor 1U Colour of product Grey

Gigabit Ethernet 101001000
IEEE 8023 IEEE 8023ab IEEE 8023at IEEE 8023u
8192 entries
18 Gbits
134 Mpps
3 µs
128 MB
128 MB
05 MB
100-240 V
5060 Hz
93 W
65 W
0 - 45 °C
-40 - 70 °C
10 - 90%
5 - 95%
95 BTUh
300 mm
260 mm
436 mm
3 kg

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