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TE248BR (Refurbished TE248B Stock)

Refurbished TE248B / TE248BR
GTIN: 886111445868 | Quantity: Check TE248BR Stock

Refurbished TE248B / TE248BR  in Stock image

Hewlett Packard Enterprise 3PAR Thin Conversion 1TB LTU

HPE Renew Remanufacturing Checklist HPE Renew Certificate of Quality

How it works!

With limited availability, 80% of stock is less than 12 months old and all items come with a full manufacturer warranty!

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Why choose HPE Renew Stock

The HPE Renew Program offers fully remanufactured HPE stock at great discounts. HP warranty is assured as all products are subjected to the same stringent testing as for new stock.

*Please note that HP Renew orders are subject to availability and a minimum order value of £500*

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