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Affordable, Remanufactured Products that are as good as new.

HPE Renew offers an extensive portfolio of quality, remanufactured Hewlett Packard Enterprise products at very attractive prices. All HPE Renew products come with the same original HPE warranty as new HPE products.
As HPE Renew products are primarily sourced from HPE factory excess, HPE customer loaners and HPE demo equipment returns. over 80% of the HPE Renew products are less than 12 months old.

Consider HPE Renew when you are buying the latest generation Hewlett Packard Enterprise technology. HPE Renew also stocks older generation technologies and even extended life products

HPE technologies that are no longer available as new.

Consider HPE Renew when you need to upgrade your IT infrastructure but are not ready for the latest Hewlett Packard Enterprise technology.

Top 5 reasons to buy HPE Renew

1. Great Value for Money. HPE Renew products offer the same reliability and performance as new HPE products with list prices at least 15% less than the cost of the equivalent new product.
2. HPE Certified Quality. All HPE Renew products undergo the complete HPE remanufacturing and testing process. Fully restored to meet HPE certified standards, these solutions guarantee the same performance and reliability as new products.
3. Full HPE Warranty. HPE Renew products are covered by the full, same as new HPE warranty starting from the date of purchase -the same warranty offered with new HPE products.
4. Broad Range of HPE Solutions. Get access to a wide spectrum of new, existing and even discontinued HPE technologies with HPE Renew’s comprehensive portfolio of products to fulfil your specific business needs.
5. Eco - friendly. HPE Renew lets you reduce your overall environmental impact by letting you take advantage of an affordable alternative for your business needs.

HPE Renew Remanufacturing Checklist HPE Renew Certificate of Quality

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